June 29, 2017

The Tampa Eden Project

The Ybor Street Garden is a plot of land with a lot of potential. It’s been used historically to host a few gatherings for the Tampa Eden Project, workshops, and generally a few garden days here and there. Jessica and Tarah have been loving on the space for months now, trying to prune the garden and stave off the weeds and locusts. Over the past month, Chynnah has joined forces with them to be more intentional about revitalizing the garden space with the goal for it to be used for what it was intended: to be a fruitful place for growing food, sharing, and bringing the neighboring community together. Natalia, the former director of TEP, returned from traveling and caught them up on some details on how best to compost, fertilize, and irrigate the garden. She also connected the team with the Property Services for general garden maintenance. Natalia has done really well with passing off the torch for the Tampa Eden Project. Her dream to help connect people in loving the land and the environment is something we really cherish and hope to support through our actions moving forward. On June 24th, TEP hosted a big garden day to reinvigorate community engagement. We were able to harvest bunches of greens, onions, and tomatoes, as well as clear a few beds of weeds and plant some summer crops. We even experienced the joy of new life when we found a handful of lizard eggs that hatched soon after. In the future, we’ll be hosting a garden day every 3rd Saturday of the month and would love to have everyone interested join us!


  1. lizard eggs!!! Kisses from the maker. 😚🦎

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