June 29, 2017

The Conscious Party

A man named Abraham Maslow had a theory about motivation. He created an illustration that consisted of a five level hierarchy of needs, the most basic of which is food and shelter. The next levels are family/friendship, esteem, and creativity, progressing to the top of the hierarchy. While much of our time is spent focused on meeting concrete and immediate basic needs, we aim to do so in ways that provide space for creativity, friendship, and esteem, which are essential to being human. Because we value all of these needs, we host the Conscious Party, our open-mic night that is organized by Andrew O., Chynnah, and Andrew C. They, and all of us at the Well, believe that giving individuals a platform for creativity, sharing thoughts, skills, and talents, is a way to empower and love one another. Since relocating to the Good Samaritan Inn and having Andrew, Drew, and Chynnah investing in it, the Conscious Party has become a more vibrant, inspiring, and inviting space. They’ve planned strategies to make it the space it is intended to be: a space for community to come together and celebrate each other. They are currently looking for food sponsorship as a priority. Food is a medium for sharing culture, ideas, and even compassion, but it’s also simply refreshing to enjoy some entertainment with a full belly.

Our next Conscious Party is July 1st at 8pm at the Good Samaritan Inn. Join us!


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