July 1, 2014

2014 Summer Update

The Well moved at the end of April and opened on Florida Avenue at the end of May. Our doors were closed for a few weeks as we made the transition - you wouldn’t know it by looking at our numbers though! We’ve seen unprecedented numbers of visitors and corresponding needs since we re-opened. In addition to the many lunches and dinners served that first week, we shared over 2400 lbs of groceries - more than the entire month of February at our previous location! This new property is situated centrally to some of the most acute needs in Tampa, and since that first week, each day has set a new record in the number of guests. June has already seen over 1100 visits, double the average month’s numbers for the previous year!

A Growing Need

Word continues to spread of The Well’s new location and expanded services. As more of our neighbors turn to us for mercy and assistance, we in turn look to the rest of our Tampa community for help. The needs around us are substantial and go much deeper than a need for groceries or a bicycle, but it is in meeting those needs that we enter into relationships with these neighbors in hopes to meet those more profound hungers too. As new leaders emerge to champion this work and resources become available, we hope to meet more and more of these needs.
Below is a summary of activity during the first half of 2014 in terms of groceries given (visitors served):

January February March April May* June
2,997 lbs
2,153 lbs
3,143 lbs
2,438 lbs
2,462 lbs
5,483 lbs

*    Only open for one week during May

Operating Budget

With the new facilities, our expenses have increased as anticipated. The overwhelming response from those in need however, has far exceeded our expectations. We are grateful to be entrusted with this responsibility, and are now working to fill a modest shortfall in our operating budget.

Yearly Monthly

Fundraising Goal (Operating Budget) $116,059 $9,672

Monthly Pledges $80,560 $6,713

One Time Gifts $20,795 -

Total Raised      $101,355 $8,446

Percent Funded 87% -

Current shortfall:            $(14,704) $(1,225)

Ongoing Material Needs

In order to keep operating and marginal costs to a minimum, we provide for most material needs through donated goods. We have ongoing and increasing need for many of the staple items we try to keep in stock to share with our neighbors.
ü Canned Beans
ü Canned meats
ü Canned Fruit
ü Canned Vegetables
ü Prepared pop-top canned foods
ü Cereal
ü Pop tarts
ü Oatmeal
ü Coffee & tea
ü Sugar & creamer
ü Long shelf-life snack items
ü Dry rice & noodles
ü Dish soap
ü Disposable razors
ü Flashlights & batteries
ü Men’s short sleeve T-shirts
ü Women’s/men’s jeans
ü Women’s/men’s shorts
ü Women’s/men’s underwear
ü White socks
ü Feminine products
ü Mosquito repellent
ü Bags (paper or plastic)
ü Duffel bags & backpacks
ü Toilet paper
ü Sunscreen
ü Toothbrushes
ü Towels
ü Shampoo
ü Conditioner
ü Soaps
ü Toothpaste
ü Deodorant
ü Shoes
ü Bikes
ü Bus Passes

Unfunded Initiatives

In addition to our current operations, there are currently a number of initiatives which we are excited to begin as soon as we secure funding. These items are not included in our current budget.

Initiative Start Up Cost Ongoing Cost

Organic Gardening Program $3,000 $400/mo

Mental Health Counseling & Case Management $0 $1,000/mo

Aquaponics System (fish & vegetable farming) Raised $500/mo

The Re-Cycle Bin (bicycle gifts & repair) Raised $200/mo

Chickens (egg production & waste reduction) $600 $50/mo

Food Truck (commercial kitchen & mobile services) $25,000 $2,700/mo

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