May 5, 2014

A Quick Update

Beautiful New Space
This must be what it feels like to walk on water!

Dear friends,

A lot has happened since our first quarter update that went out just one month ago. In that email I informed everybody that we were looking for a building of our own, working on transitional ideas in case we came up short on funds; and also that we had one month to be out since the donated space we were using had sold. God has been so faithful to us over the last few weeks and I am happy to announce that we have been able to secure a lease on a 3,200 sq. ft. building on a 3/4 acre lot on Florida Ave! It is such a dream come true and is nothing short of a miracle as The Well only had a 200 dollar per month surplus when we sent that email a month ago. Since then, many of you have stepped up and pitched in to make this beautiful oasis of hospitality in our city happen. Thank you all for your prayers, connections, donations, ongoing pledges and most of all for standing with us in this struggle toward mercy and justice for all.

The team has been working overtime this week moving all of our things into the new space and setting up shop. It is such a privilege to work on this labor of love together. We all are motivated by thinking about the amazing and valuable guests that we will be able to host and honor in this place. 

I want to extend an invitation to stop by and see for yourself. We are located at 3023 N. Florida Ave. Over the next few weeks we will be setting up and preparing to swing open our doors and our arms to embrace our neighbors in need. Stop by and pitch in or just take a quick tour. 

Many of you have asked me what needs we have as we set up shop. Below is a list of needs and I would like to ask each of you to consider who you know that might be able to provide the items or services and/or if there is an item listed that you would like to sponsor financially. 

  • Air compressor for 3.5 ton A/C unit and Installation 
  • Burglar bars for 6 windows 
  • A large shipping container 
  • Shed 
  • A large tent to cover outside dining area 
  • Brown couches (must be leather, vinyl or another scrub-able material) 
  • Many folding chairs 
  • Computers 
  • Privacy fencing 
  • Solar panels (a boy can dream can't he?) 

Please come see us and thank you for considering how you might contribute to our ongoing and quickly developing work of mercy and love. It is with tears of joy in my eyes that I send this quick update. God has been very good to us and we fully intend to be faithful to the task he has given us to love our neighbors. Thank you for your prayers and support.

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