November 22, 2013

Thanks & Giving

What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

When you ask someone about their favorite holiday memories you might hear about how delicious the meal was but in almost every case you will here "We..." as in "We always got together", "We always ate really good", and if it's me telling the story, "we always watched Planes, Trains and Automobiles together." You see while food is often the first thing we think about when our minds turn to Thanksgiving, it's really family, community and togetherness that are central to the holiday.  

Thanksgiving is next Thursday and many of our friends who live on the streets will have lots of options for getting a holiday meal. One cool thing about Thanksgiving is that it's a time when people do remember the poor and arrange to serve a big meal to those who might otherwise go without. We obviously think that's a pretty great idea since it's what we commit to do throughout the year. We serve dinner with tablecloths and centerpieces every Thursday at The Banquet all year long and one of the only Thursdays we close throughout the year is on Thanksgiving because, well because there are so many other places to get a great meal that day. Here is the thing though, a meal on thanksgiving is not the same if you don't have a family to share it with or a family room to fall asleep in after you stuff your face, and that is what we are excited to offer next week. We will be opening the doors of our home again this year and we will have quite a bit of food to share but it is our home that we are excited to share with those who might not have another family room to chill in. For the last few years we have opened our doors at the Lake House to anyone that wanted to join us for Thanksgiving. Our memories are made by being together and it is together that the central part of every holiday memory and experience is made complete. Our memories should be "we" memories.
If you do not have anywhere else to be or anyone one else to spend Thanksgiving with, please consider this your invite. If you want to just swing by and say hello, you will be welcome. 

Your Presence is requested at 908 E Lake Ave
5:00 pm on Thursday, November 28th
Join us as we give thanks together!
Feel free to bring a side dish or a friend.

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