May 14, 2013

Jump in!

There are are plenty of opportunities this Summer to engage our neighbors in a helpful context. And what's more fun than that?! To illustrate the metaphor of jumping into the waters of service, here is a dolphin:

He's happy because he invests in the lives of others!

Click on one of the gigs below to sign up to volunteer:

Free Market : Monday - Friday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
This is our daily resource of food and other basic supplies for anyone in need who walks through our doors. Volunteers are needed to staff the market, which includes stocking shelves and tidying up, taking information from our guests, and weighing the outgoing food. This is a great way to put in hours volunteering in a low-key environment that allows time to chat with neighbors and share stories.

The Good Sam: We serve a meal on Tuesday nights at a local hostel for their residents and visitors. We go as a team of 4-8 people to bring and serve the food and to spend time eating and talking with the people.

The Banquet: We serve a meal at the Underground on Thursday nights and do it up restaurant-style. A team of 8-10 people give our best to our neighbors and also open up the Free Market afterwards. This is our chance to really show the kind of hospitality industry care that people on the streets rarely receive.

The Conscious Party: A lot of ingredients and people come together to make the Conscious Party each month. Please contact if you would like to help in any of these areas.
  • Provide food
  • Photography or videography
  • Invite people on the streets
  • Invite artists to perform
Don't let that dolphin show you up. Jump in!