February 27, 2013


Momentum is building around here, and has been for a little while. Ministry is growing steadily. People are jumping on board. At some points, we've even grappled with what to do with all of the food that has been donated, it's been that much.

Well, that was fun for a while...

Now it's on to scarcity. A couple of weeks ago, starting on Ash Wednesday, our incoming food donations took a noticeable dip, while the flow of our neighbors coming in for food and meals has stayed strong. Oh boy. We start praying for food with hints of desperation in our prayers, because we'd rather scramble and worry about food so that our friends and neighbors don't have to. The stress starts getting to you. Another person is going to walk through the door any minute looking for food and...what if there isn't any? Scarcity can be frightening and sobering, and one of the most sobering thoughts that it prompts in me is that this is how some of our neighbors live each day. And it isn't just "some people" or the "less fortunate", it's people we know, with names and faces and stories. Scarcity is a frightening thing to live with, but people do live with it, so I find it good for us here at The Well to be dealing with scarcity. 

This morning, a big truck full of food arrived and our pantry is getting better stocked again. Jon and I were so grateful to pick it up all that food, knowing how badly it is needed. I hope that we keep a perspective of gratitude regardless of provision. 

Lent. Go figure. 

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