February 14, 2013

Home Cooking

Tonight we're serving a little something extra at the Banquet: home-cooked love. Katelyn and Emily cooked a hot meal of shepherd's pie and stuffed peppers. They did such a good job!

And Alyse made red velvet cupcakes, too. Would you look at that?!

It's great to be able to feed people through any means available.

Sometimes those means are very humble, and what we have to serve is not exciting or impressive. And that's great, because it reminds us of what we have to offer that is still worthwhile, which is love, expressed as simply and naturally as sitting down with someone and talking about their day. And in really listening. People know when you're paying attention and when you're just tolerating their presence. There is more that we still have to give spiritually, even when there isn't much to give materially.

And other times we have fantastically homemade, stuffed-with-love and iced-with-care delicious food to serve! It's a treat for everyone when we can celebrate each other with something special. Tonight is one of those nights, and we're very grateful for friends who surprised us with fresh vegetables, or who stayed up late cooking and baking, or who serve these treats in a way that conveys dignity and grace.

Happy Valentine's Day <3

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