February 27, 2013


Momentum is building around here, and has been for a little while. Ministry is growing steadily. People are jumping on board. At some points, we've even grappled with what to do with all of the food that has been donated, it's been that much.

Well, that was fun for a while...

February 14, 2013

Home Cooking

Tonight we're serving a little something extra at the Banquet: home-cooked love. Katelyn and Emily cooked a hot meal of shepherd's pie and stuffed peppers. They did such a good job!

February 1, 2013

January Was Awesome

2013 is off to a great start for The Well.

We were able to give away over 200 bags of food, clothing and toiletries to our neighbors, many of whom have little other means to meet these basic needs. And that's on top of serving 517 hot meals!

Our partnerships with local businesses are growing so much that we were able to offer food to help our local community of Underground microchurches that serve open meals out of their homes each week. We know that serving a sometimes-small, sometimes-huge crowd of people in your home can be challenging. Building relationships with our neighbors on the streets puts you face-to-face with real people who have real needs, and we encourage you to bring your friends to our pantry to help with some of those needs.

And now the pendulum has swung in the other direction. Our generous supporters have helped turn The Well into an attractive resource, and so many people have made use of us that by the end of yesterday, our stock and funds have diminished. This is awesome! We want to give away as much as we can, and we trust that more will come in, and that we will be able to serve even more people in February.

Thank you to our wonderful local business partners, the teams that faithfully serve at the Banquet and the Good Sam, and our generous donors for working together to make this happen.

I can't wait to see how February goes...